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The America's

Colombia Narino Reserva del Patron- Our reserva del Patron (owner's reserve) consists of beans carefully selected for the characteristics unique to a superior colombian coffee. An Estate grown coffee with intense aroma and a clear clean flavor in the cup and lingering chocolate like undertones.

*Colombia French Roast -Our darkest roast, we use Colombia Supremo, roasting to a dark brown, almost black - with the oils just starting to appear on the surface. The result is a creamy, dark and rich brew.

Costa Rica "La Minita" Estate - Bill McAlpin, owner and operator of the La Minita Estate, puts his coffee through intense scrutiny and quality control checks. Less than half the coffee grown on the Estate passes his standards and is sold as "La Minita" coffee. Completely free of defects, this coffee has a pleasing intensity and balance with a liqueur-like richness.

*Costa Rican Tres Rios - Our Tres Rios is grown on the Pacific mountain slopes from 3300 to 3900 feet. A superb classic coffee with a hearty bold taste. Excellent at any time of day... well balanced acidity and a medium body.

Guatemala Antigua Finca dos Maria's (The Farm of Two Maria's) - From the countryside around the old capital comes this distinctively dry and spicy coffee, prized especially when smoky-tasting characteristics are present... bright acidity, medium body with spicy notes.


Ethiopian Mocha-Java - In this well-known classic, Ethiopia Mocha's exotic tones are coupled with Java's nut-like flavor for a truly unique coffee experience.

*Breakfast Blend -Regular and Decaffeinated- Combines Sumatran and French Roast for full, rich flavor with a hint of smokiness. A hearty coffee to enjoy anytime; not just for breakfast.

*Canaltown Dark Roast - Regular & Decaffeinated - Our house blend roasted slightly darker to develop its richness even more, while lowering the acidity. This is a very full-bodied darker roast coffee, but without the bittersweet tang of French Roast.

Genuine Mocha Java - Regular only - This premium blend is the real thing, combining Yemen Mocha Mattari and Java Estate. The resulting blend has a marvelously full, fiche body and flavor. This combination is very smooth, yet hearty and robust with a wonderful aroma.

*Rochester’s Choice Blend - Regular & Decaffeinated Our house blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffees is a smooth, well-balanced blend. It is rich and full bodied with low acidity so you can enjoy it cup after cup.


Ethiopia Sidamo - Coffee trees grow wild in Ethiopia, the birthplace of "coffea Arabica". Displaying a pronounced acidity and winey-ness, this coffee is for the adventure seeking palate... light bodied, complex flavor with a berry-like aroma.

Kenya Peaberry - This top-grade Kenya boasts beautiful, large beans harvested from the south slopes of Mt. Kenya. Its clean, crisp flavor makes a satisfying brew... full bodied with a dry, winey aftertaste.

Yemen Mocha Mattari - One of the world's oldest, this is truly an exotic coffee. It is grown on the terraced slopes of mountains and processed in the traditional manner using millstones. A must for any coffee connoisseur... deep and rich in flavor with a mild winey after-taste that unveils elusive chocolate tones.

South Pacific

*Sumatra Mandheling - A popular choice among our loyal customers. This Indonesian coffee is purchased more than any other in our stores. Its satisfying full body and syrupy richness that stands up to milk like no other coffee... smooth in the cup with a low acidity.

Java Estate - We roast Java to a full city roast so you can enjoy its distinctive flavor and nut-like aroma. Much enjoyed by those with well-traveled coffee palates... medium bodied with a vibrant acidity and spicy notes.

Celebese Kallosi - Grown on the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi, this prized coffee is noted for it’s low acidity and it’s rich body and flavor. It displays a spicy yet clean finish.

Hawaiian Kona - Nothing but pure Kona Estate Coffee - not a blend and not “Kona-Style” as is all too often sold to make the price attractive. Kona is a very aromatic coffee, mild and delicate on the tongue. This is a smooth and mellow coffee. Wonderful to inhale and to sip.

Dark Roast Coffees

*Espresso - Regular & Decaffeinated - Our own blend of Indonesian and Latin American coffees. The flavor is strong, rich and full-bodied with a wonderful lingering aftertaste. While developed specially for espresso machines, you may enjoy this brewed in any coffee maker.

*French Roast - Regular & Decaffeinated - Our darkest roast, the flavor is dominated by a smoky, bittersweet tang. Great in blends, or by itself.

*Also available in Swiss Water Decaffeinated

Flavored Beans

We use fresh roasted Colombian Supremo beans to flavor our coffee beans with. All beans are hand blended to ensure proper mixing. Take some home to enjoy. Coffee makes a great gift.. Here is a list of some of our most popular flavors.

  • Almond Joi
  • Amaretto
  • Butter Pecan
  • Cinnamon Hazelnut
  • Cinnamon Almond Macroon
  • Chocolate Hazelnut
  • Chocolate Raspberry
  • Toasted Almond
  • Kahlua and Cream
  • Vanilla Nut

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